Drying White Corn

Invited List

San Juan River Farm Board

Tracy Raymond, Chair
Nenahnezad Chapter

Beatrice Redfeather, Chapter Rep
Shiprock Chapter

Ronney Dee, Chapter Rep
Gadii'ahi Chapter

Albert Lee, Chapter Rep
Upper Fruitland Chapter

Herbert Cly, Chapter Rep
San Juan Chapter

Lavone Garnenez, Chapter Rep
Hogback Chapter

Marion Filfred, Chapter Rep
Aneth Chapter

San Juan River Dineh Water Users

Arnold Nelson, President

JC Begay, Vice President

Harold Dodge, Secretary-Treasurer

Gary Clark, Member

Navajo Nation Irrigation Department

Marlin Saggboy, Shiprock Irrigation Supervisor

Gilbert Harrison, PTF Project Manager

Najam Tariq, Branch Director

Navajo Nation Resource Department

Jason John, Director

Navajo Nation Agriculture Department

Charmaine Hosteen, Northern Agency Extension Agent

Roxie June, Planner

Leo Watchman, Director

Navajo Land Department

Mike Halona, Department Manager

Bureau of Indian Affairs

Lambert Chee, Natural Resource Specialist

Calvert Curly, Regional Supervisor

Gregory Mehojah, Navajo Regional Director

Navajo Nation Council Delegates

Rick Nez, NN Resource Committee Chair

Eugenia Charles-Newton, Shiprock Chapter Delegate

Amber Crotty, Gadii'ahi Chapter Delegate

Upper Fruitland Chapter House

Lynelle Etsitty, President

Lisa Marie Byrd, Vice President

Alvis Kee, Chapter Manager

Nenahnezad Chapter House

Norman Begaye, President

Lojan Watson, Vice President

Arthur Bavaro, Community Service Coordinator

San Juan Chapter House

Sam Bee, President

Sophina Tyler, Vice President

Amanda Tolino, Chapter Manager

Tse Daa Kaan Chapter House

Robert Lapahie Jr, President

Matthew Tso, Vice President

Anita Hayes, Chapter Manager

Shiprock Chapter House

Nevina Kinlahcheeny, President

Debra Yazzie, Vice President

Michele Peterson, Chapter Manager

Gadii'ahi Chapter House

Harry Descheene, President

Arnold Nelson, Vice President

Lynda Hayes, Chapter Manager

Navajo Nation Office of President and Vice President

Jonathan Nez, President

Myron Lizer, Vice President

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union

Connie Falk, Consultant

Dan Waldvogle, Director of External Affairs

Intertribal Agriculture Council

Matthew Denetclaw, Navajo Region Representative

US Congressional Representative

The Honorable Teresa Leger Fernandez

Office of US Senator for New Mexico Ben Ray Lujan

Brian Lee

Eric Chavez, Field Representative

Alanna Purdy Montesinos, Legislative Assistant

US Department of Interior

The Honorable Deb Haaland, Cabinet Secretary

NM State Legislature

The Honorable Anthony Allison


Sandhya Tillotson, Sagebrush Ltd., Group Process Facilitator

Tom Chee, Content Expert Facilitator

Navajo Nation President Office

Rudolph Shebala, Natural Resource Director

Navajo Nation Department of Justice

Brian Curly-Chambers, Tribal Attorney


Charlie Galbraith

Natural Resources Conservation Service

Ivan Joe, District Conservationist

NMSU Cooperative Extension Service

Bonnie Hopkins

Dine' College

Benita Litson

Toohnii BAA

Chili Yazzie, Director