Dine' Bich'iya Ba'

Summit For Navajo Food

This summit, 'For Navajo Food', brought together the many stakeholders in the Navajo Nation San Juan River Irrigation System to address the maintenance and management of the system. Participants in the meeting were personally invited and registered to confirm their participation.

Addressing the long-term problems hampering the efficient management of the Navajo Nation San Juan River Irrigation System enables the tribe to employ more people and address food security of its people.

This summit was organized by the San Juan River Farm Board and sponsored by Rocky Mountain Farmers Union.

A Summit Final Report was created. Pictures from the Summit are also available to view.

This website serves as a repository of material for this initiative.

Summit Details


Tuesday, May 24, 2022
9am - 4pm

Wednesday, May 25, 2022
9am - 4pm

Check-in 8:30 am Tuesday morning.


San Juan College

Farmington, New Mexico


Sandhya Tillotson, Sagebrush Ltd., Group Process Facilitator

Tom Chee, Content Expert Facilitator

Meeting Goals:

Overview of the irrigation system history, challenges and needs

Establish collaborative inter-agency relationships

Master plan initiated

Commitment to Action

Desired Impact: Efficient irrigation to grow crops and feed people

Agenda for Summit

Hogback Diversion
Hogback Diversion

Fruitland Diversion
Fruitland Diversion